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[P0000CXG] Veterinary Ophthalmology: Two Volume Set, 5th Edition (2013) 적립금

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Veterinary Ophthalmology: Two Volume Set, 5th Edition (2013) 기본 정보
판매가 개정판 발간 2021
소비자가 420,000원
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Gelatt의 Vet. Ophthalmology 5판이 8년만에 개정되어 발간되었읍니다.

수많은 국가의 전문가들이 참여하여 개정한 이번 판에서는 유전학 및 DNA검사, 미세수술 등이 추가되었으며 Camelid, 토끼의 안과 챕터가 추가되었읍니다.


비침습적 검사법, 고양이안과, 말 및 수중포유루와 펭귄 등의 안과도 새로이 추가되었읍니다.


안과학에 관심이 많은 임상가에게는 필독서라고 볼 수 있읍니다.



전판과 간단히 비교를 해보면 4판의 경우 1696페이지 -> 5판에서 2260페이지로 33% 이상 지면이 증가하였읍니다.

수록된 사진자료들도 새로운 사진들이 많이 추가되었읍니다.

다른 임상분야에 비교하여 소동물 안과학의 최근 발전속도는 상당히 주목할만합니다.

또한 국내에서도 다른 분야보다 항상 많은 관심을 받고 있으며 앞으로의 전망도 밝다고 생각합니다.


다른 소동물안과학/ 수의안과학 서적에서 만족하지 못하셨다면 한번 구입을 고려해볼만하다고 생각합니다.



주저자 이외에 참여한 유명 저자를 간단히 정리해보았읍니다 (일부)

  1. Don A. Samuelson - Textbook of Veterinary Histology, 1e 주저자, Small Animal Ophthalmology (Self-Assessment Color Review) 주저자
  2. Cynthia S. Cook - Small Animal Ophthalmology: A Problem-Oriented Approach, 4e 참여
  3. Ron Ofri - Slatter's Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology, 5e  주저자
  4. Brian Gilger - Equine Ophthalmology, 2e 주저자, Veterinary Ophthalmic Surgery 참여
  5. Ian P. Herring - The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult Canine and Feline Specialty Handbook: Ophthalmology  참여
  6. Robert L. Peiffer, Jr. - Small Animal Ophthalmology: A Problem-Oriented Approach, 4e 주저자
  7. Simon M. Petersen-Jones - Small Animal Ophthalmology: A Problem-Oriented Approach, 4e 참여
  8. Heidi J. Featherstone, Christine L. Heinrich - Canine Ophthalmology: An Atlas and Text 저자
  9. Thomas J. Kern - Essentials of Veterinary Ophthalmology 참여
  10. David L. Williams - Ophthalmology of Exotic Pets 외 다양한 저서




Veterinary Ophthalmology: Two Volume Set, 5th Edition

Kirk N. Gelatt (Editor), Brian C. Gilger (Editor), Thomas J. Kern (Editor)
  • ISBN: 9780470960400
  • Hardcover
  • 2260 pages
  • May 2013, Wiley-Blackwell

Veterinary Ophthalmology, Fifth Edition is a fully updated version of the gold-standard reference for diseases and treatment of the animal eye in veterinary medicine. With an internationally renowned list of contributing authors, the book has been revised and expanded to incorporate the most up-to-date research and information. New chapters cover ophthalmic genetics and DNA tests, microsurgery, photography, camelid ophthalmology, and rabbit ophthalmology, and existing chapters feature expanded coverage of noninvasive imaging techniques, feline ophthalmology, equine ophthalmology, and marine mammals and penguins.

The book retains its classic structure, with sections on basic vision sciences, the foundations of clinical ophthalmology, canine ophthalmology, and special ophthalmology, which encompasses specific coverage of most commonly treated species and chapters on neuro-ophthalmology and systemic diseases.  A companion website offers the images from the book available for download in PowerPoint and the references linked to PubMed.  Veterinary Ophthalmology remains the most comprehensive resource for authoritative information on veterinary ophthalmology worldwide and is a key reference for anyone interested in veterinary or comparative ophthalmology.


  • Fully revised edition of the gold-standard reference on veterinary ophthalmology
  • Offers unparalleled coverage of diseases and treatment of the animal eye
  • Written by an international group of leading veterinary ophthalmologists
  • Updated and expanded to include recent advances in the field, with new chapters on ophthalmic genetics and DNA tests, microsurgery, photograph, camelid ophthalmology, and rabbit ophthalmology
  • Provides expanded coverage of noninvasive imaging techniques, feline ophthalmology, equine ophthalmology, and marine mammal ophthalmology
  • Includes access to a companion website with images available in PowerPoint and references linked to PubMed at www.wiley.com/go/gelatt/ophthalmology

 목차 안내

Volume 1




1 Ocular Embryology and Congenital Malformations /Cynthia S. Cook

2 Ophthalmic Anatomy /Don A. Samuelson

3 Physiology of the Eye /Glenwood G. Gum and Edward O. MacKay

4 Optics and Physiology of Vision /Ron Ofri


5 Ocular Immunology / Robert English and Brian Gilger

6 Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology / David Gould and Kostas Papasouliotis

7 Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

  • Part 1 Drug Delivery and Pharmacokinetics / Alain Regnier
  • Part 2 Antibacterial Agents, Antifungal Agents, and Antiviral Agents / Alison Clode
  • Part 3 Anti-inflammatory and Immunosuppressant Drugs / Amy Rankin
  • Part 4 Mydriatics/Cycloplegics, Anesthetics, and Tear Substitutes and Stimulators / Ian P. Herring

8 Veterinary Ophthalmic Pathology / Bruce H. Grahn and Robert L. Peiffer, Jr.

9 Ophthalmic Genetics and DNA Testing / Simon M. Petersen-Jones

10 Ophthalmic Examination and Diagnostics

  • Part 1 The Eye Examination and Diagnostic Procedures / Heidi J. Featherstone and Christine L. Heinrich
  • Part 2 Ocular Imaging / David Donaldson and Claudia Hartley
  • Part 3 Diagnostic Ultrasonography / Ursula M. Dietrich
  • Part 4 Electrodiagnostic Evaluation of Vision / Björn Ekesten

11 Fundamentals of Ophthalmic Microsurgery / David A. Wilkie

12 Ophthalmic Photography / Richard J. McMullen, Jr., Nicholas J. Millichamp, and Christopher G. Pirie

Volume 2


13 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Orbit / Bernhard M. Spiess and Simon A. Pot

14 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Eyelid / Frans C. Stades and Alexandra van der woerdt

15 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Nasolacrimal System / Bruce H. Grahn and Lynne S. Sandmeyer

16 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Lacrimal Secretory System / Elizabeth A. Giuliano

17 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Conjunctiva and Nictitating Membrane / Diane V.H. Hendrix

18 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Cornea and Sclera / Eric C. Ledbetter and Brian C. Gilger

19 The Canine Glaucomas / Caryn E. Plummer, Alain Regnier, and Kirk N. Gelatt

20 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Anterior Uvea / Diane V.H. Hendrix

21 Diseases of the Lens and Cataract Formation / Michael G. Davidson and Susan R. Nelms

22 Surgery of the Lens / David A. Wilkie and Carmen M.H. Colitz

23 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Vitreous / Michael H. Boevé and Frans C. Stades

24 Diseases of the Canine Ocular Fundus / Kristina Narfström and Simon M. Petersen-Jones

25 Surgery of the Canine Posterior Segment / Samuel J. Vainisi, Joseph C. Wolfer, and Allison R. Hoffman

26 Diseases of the Canine Optic Nerve / Bianca C. Martins and Dennis E. Brooks

Edited by Thomas J. Kern

27 Feline Ophthalmology / Jean Stiles

28 Equine Ophthalmology / Brian C. Gilger

29 Food Animal Ophthalmology / Jacqueline W. Pearce and Cecil P. Moore

30 Ophthalmology of New World Camelids / Juliet R. Gionfriddo

31 Laboratory Animal Ophthalmology / David L. Williams, with contribution by Glenwood G. Gum

32 The Rabbit / David Williams

33 Exotic Animal Ophthalmology / Thomas J. Kern and Carmen M.H. Colitz

34 Neuro-ophthalmology / Aubrey A. Webb and Cheryl L. Cullen

35 Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Diseases

  • Part 1 The Dog / Cheryl L. Cullen and Aubrey A. Webb
  • Part 2 The Cat / Cheryl L. Cullen and Aubrey A. Webb
  • Part 3 The Horse / Cheryl L. Cullen and Aubrey A. Webb
  • Part 4 Food Animals / Cheryl L. Cullen and Aubrey A. Webb


Please note both volumes have been indexed together to comprise a single index, which can be found at the back of either volume.

저자 안내

Kirk N. Gelatt, VMD, Diplomate, ACVO,is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida. 

Brian C. Gilger, DVM, MS, Diplomate, ACVO, is Professor of Ophthalmology at North Carolina State University. 

Thomas J. Kern, DVM, Diplomate, ACVO, is Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Cornell University.

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  • 배송 비용 : 3,000원
  • 배송 기간 : 2일 ~ 5일
  • 배송 안내 : - 산간벽지나 도서지방은 별도의 추가금액을 지불하셔야 하는 경우가 있습니다.
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    고객님께서 주문하신 도서라도 도매상 및 출판사 사정에 따라 품절/절판 등의 사유로 취소될 수 있습니다.  입금확인이 되면 익일발송(주말,공휴일제외)을 원칙으로 합니다.

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